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An Analysis of the Genesis GV60: An Outstanding Electric Vehicle Poised for the Future

Image Source: letspicsit / Shutterstock

The Genesis GV60 represents a fresh addition to the market as a compact luxury SUV fueled solely by electricity, introduced in 2023. Its competitors currently include popular names like the Tesla Model Y and Volvo XC40/C40, as well as its platform-sharing counterparts, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6. Boasting user-friendly technology and a touch of luxury, the GV60 stands out in its segment for all the right reasons.

In terms of design, the GV60 blends the traditional SUV aesthetic with Genesis’ unique flair, packaged into a compact form. When viewed from the side, the GV60 appears compact with minimal overhangs at the front and rear, coupled with a swiftly curving rear window near the C-pillar. The distinctive parallel lines synonymous with Genesis are evident on the headlights and taillights, while the lower grille features a subtle pentagon shape to maintain coherence within the brand’s lineup. Notably, the cladding along the lower section of the GV60 is consistently gray across all models, a factor to consider when selecting an exterior color.

As expected from an electric vehicle, the GV60 offers robust acceleration and a constant supply of power. Every Genesis GV60 variant comes equipped with dual-motor all-wheel drive (AWD). While our experience has been limited to testing the Performance model, it conveys a sense of agility surpassing its estimated 0-60 mph time of 4.0 seconds. The Advanced trims are anticipated to deliver ample power too, drawing from the dual-motor powertrain tested in the Ioniq 5 and EV6 models.

In the Performance iterations, drivers are treated to a prominent green “BOOST” button on the steering wheel, activating an additional 54 hp in 10-second bursts. Although Genesis has specified a limit on the frequency of activating this mode to facilitate component cooling, our test on a scorching day allowed seamless activation up to six times consecutively. Engaging this feature during highway merges or on twisty roads noticeably enhances power delivery, offering heightened responsiveness at the top end of the throttle.

One area where the GV60 falls slightly short is its suspension performance, which is unexpected given its shared active suspension system with the larger GV70. The GV60 provides diverse regenerative braking settings, ranging from a one-pedal mode to a completely hands-off option facilitated by the steering wheel paddles. Each configuration is finely tuned, ensuring a smooth transition between regenerative and mechanical braking with a consistent pedal feel.

The GV60 boasts a maximum range of up to 248 miles. The Advanced variant covers 248 miles on a single charge, while the Performance model closely follows at 235 miles. Despite its impressive figures, the GV60’s range fails to match segment leaders such as the Ioniq 5 and EV6, which offer 256 and 274 miles, respectively, with the same AWD and battery setup. This disparity can partly be attributed to the GV60’s weight, tipping the scales about 200 pounds heavier than its Korean counterparts despite its more compact dimensions.

Efficiency-wise, the GV60 lags slightly, averaging 2.8 miles per kilowatt-hour (kwh) in Advanced and 2.7 miles per kwh in Performance. Genesis sweetens the deal with three years of complimentary 30-minute charging sessions with Electrify America. This timeframe is ample for swift charging, made possible by the GV60’s 800-volt system, enabling rapid charging speeds of up to 250 kw and achieving an 80% charge from 10% in just 18 minutes (provided a compatible rapid charger is accessible).

While the GV60 awaits crash tests from the IIHS or NHTSA, its exemplary standard safety features paint a compelling picture. The GV60 stands out by incorporating an array of safety technologies that are often optional in other luxury vehicles, including automatic forward emergency braking, front and rear parking sensors, and blind-spot monitors. Going the extra mile, the GV60 supplements these with a surround-view camera system, head-up display, adaptive cruise control, a live camera feed within the instrument cluster for blind-spot monitoring, automatic high beams, and automatic wipers, all as standard offerings.

On the inside, the GV60’s ergonomic and chic layout leaves no room for compromise. Featuring a circular motif extending from the climate controls to the vents, doors, and glove box, the cabin exudes a harmonious design language. Despite the novelty of the flipping orb, its practical function shouldn’t be overlooked, serving as a quick indicator of the vehicle’s powered state without needing to start the vehicle.

Leveraging its compact dimensions ingeniously, the GV60 provides ample space for passengers in both rows. Despite being one of the smallest vehicles in its class, the GV60’s efficient use of space ensures generous legroom in both rows, with 37.6 inches in the rear and 24.0 cubic feet of cargo capacity behind the rear seats. The rounded cabin profile contributes to commendable headroom for occupants in both rows, creating an open and airy ambiance seldom found in compact SUVs.

Exploring the cabin further unveils the consistent use of premium materials, leaving no room for subpar finishes except, perhaps, for the plastic bezel surrounding the displays—an insignificant flaw in an otherwise refined interior. In the Performance trims, nappa leather upholstery in a striking diamond-cut pattern not only enhances visual appeal but also elevates comfort levels significantly.

Priced at $59,985, the Advanced model should suffice for most buyers, offering technology on par with the Performance variant and adequate performance capabilities. Noteworthy among its features is the facial recognition and fingerprint scanning system, enabling keyless ignition effortlessly. Installation is straightforward, utilizing a B-pillar camera for locking and unlocking and a console-based fingerprint scanner for ignition. The infrared camera ensures accurate facial recognition in various lighting conditions, enhancing security as it stores multiple user profiles.

Standard across all variants are 12.3-inch screens for the instrument cluster and infotainment system, though smartphone connectivity necessitates a wired connection, with full support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Luxury amenities abound in the GV60, encompassing power front seats with heating and cooling functions, a premium Bang & Olufsen 17-speaker audio system, a heated steering wheel, a wireless charging pad, retractable door handles, and a remote parking feature allowing remote control of the vehicle’s movement using the key fob.

For those opting for the Performance trim at $68,985, an additional $9,000 unlocks heightened power delivery, a more sophisticated suspension setup, and further luxury additions such as heated rear seats and a massaging function for the driver’s seat. The facial recognition and fingerprint technology enable keyless access and start. Standing out in the compact CUV EV segment, the GV60 shines with abundant standard features, appealing optional upgrades, generous screen real estate, and an attractive warranty package including a 5-year/60,000-mile basic warranty and a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty.

Despite being a newcomer in the automotive arena, Genesis has quickly established itself as a top contender with offerings like the GV60. Flaunting a captivating appearance, superb driving dynamics, competitive EV capabilities, cutting-edge technology, and outstanding value, the new Genesis GV60 truly stands out. For those seeking a departure from the conventional EV landscape, the GV60 presents a compelling choice worth exploring.

Image Source: letspicsit / Shutterstock

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