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Bugatti EB110 Initial Edition Bought For $46,000 Through Auction

Image Source: dimcars / Shutterstock

The primary edition of the publication titled “The EB110 & The Last Bugatti Racing Cars” has been auctioned for $46,000, and the proceeds from the sale are being donated to the Pebble Beach charity. The purchaser was the proprietor and curator of ‘The Pearl Collection’. 

The first-ever EB110 model crafted in epowood as envisioned by Benedini, featuring covered rear wheels reminiscent of the Bugatti Atlantic.  Photo by Roberto Bigano. Purchase this image at the store.

This 440-page book is authored by Johann Petit and Pascal van Mele, with editing by Julius Kruta – a Bugatti historian and former Head of Tradition at Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. It includes more than 700 previously unseen period photographs, historical images, and original sketches. Only 330 copies of this book will be produced.

The definitive Bugatti EB110 book was introduced at Retromobile in 2020. According to Kruta, the book garnered immense interest prompting a decision to start afresh and compile a thorough narrative of the iconic EB110 that reignited the Bugatti brand. The new book aims to narrate the complete tale of Bugatti Automobili S.p.A. and the Bugatti EB110.

The Bugatti chronicle can be categorized into three periods steered by – Ettore Bugatti, Romano Artioli, and Ferdinand Piech. This publication emphasizes the Italian revival of Bugatti, where remarkable vehicles like the EB110 and EB110 SS were born, culminating in the brand’s return to motorsport. As stated by Kruta in the prologue, the individual deserving acknowledgment for not just single-handedly resurrecting the Bugatti brand but also elevating it to the peak of the automotive realm, where it continues to shine, is Romano Artioli.

Engineered and shaped by an in-house team at the renowned ‘La Fabrica Blu’ in Campogalliano, Italy, the EB110 was constructed on a carbon fiber chassis and propelled by a unique 3.5-liter quad-turbo V12 engine, unparalleled in its era. This vehicle set the stage for forthcoming models such as the Veyron & Chiron. 

Source of Image: dimcars / Shutterstock

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