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Explore The McLaren P1 Spider Crafted By Lanzante

At the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Lanzante revealed the McLaren P1 Spider last year. Although the intention is to produce 5 models of the P1 Spider, presently, this is the sole one in existence. So, when Henry Catchpole was extended an invitation to test drive it, declining wasn’t an option.

The P1 Spider came into being following a client’s proposal to Lanzante. The company then engaged the original creator of the P1 to fashion a vehicle that exhibits the appearance of having freshly emerged from McLaren’s production line.

Dean Lanzante conveyed that it was not merely a matter of removing the roof from a standard McLaren P1. Perfecting the engineering process turned out to be more intricate than anticipated. The vehicle showcases reduced door hinges, integrated roll hoops, and a fortified windscreen surround. Adjustments were necessary for the upper segment of the carbon tub, and the positioning of the fuel filler and charging port had to be altered as well.

Lanzante has also developed a roof for the P1 Spider, which can be temporarily affixed during adverse weather conditions and then stowed in the front compartment.

Experience of driving the McLaren P1 Spider:

The removal of the roof from the P1 has undeniably impacted its driving encounter. As Henry describes, it feels different yet somewhat comparable. The absence of the roof creates a more open ambiance in the cabin, and the sound of the twin-turbo V8 engine is more prominent than previously. Nevertheless, the P1 still accelerates and feels as rapid as it did a decade ago.

Image Source: Hagerty @ YouTube

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