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    Highly Exclusive BMW 3.0 CSL Available for Purchase in Auction in Spain

    BMW has manufactured only 50 units of the BMW 3.0 CSL. To mark the 50th Anniversary of the M brand, BMW made this exclusive car. Furthermore, this is an exceptionally uncommon vehicle as sightings of these cars are extremely rare. Unveiled in November, the 41st unit of this limited edition car is scheduled to be auctioned in Spain.

    Sale of the BMW 3.0 CSL in Spain

    This auction is being organized by BMW Iberica. BMW has opted for a private auction system for selling this car. The German automaker has partnered with Soulauto Inversiones SL, a specialized company, to support the carmaker in managing this auction. They will aid BMW Iberica in overseeing the sale of this unique specimen in Spain and Portugal.

    The primary objective of choosing a private auction for the sale is to ensure that all interested purchasers have an opportunity to acquire this exceptional machine. BMW will contribute all proceeds generated above the suggested retail price to charitable causes.

    BMW 3.0 CSL : Detailed Overview

    The BMW 3.0 CSL not only boasts an iconic appearance but also incorporates several innovative features. Primarily, this car is equipped with the most potent inline-six engine ever utilized in a road-legal M car. This engine is furnished with the M TwinPower Turbo technology, which BMW specifically developed for the 3.0 CSL. This engine produces a maximum output of 560 HP.

    Auction Procedure and Initial Price

    To participate in the auction, potential buyers can visit the BMW Spain website. BMW will subsequently provide the participants with all the prerequisites and essential information to partake in this auction. Additionally, all participants must be verified M customers before engaging in this auction.

    The auction will remain active until February 28, 2023, which also serves as the deadline for submitting bids. BMW has set the initial price of the 3.0 CSL at US$ 650,263 before taxes. Post-tax, this amount increases to US$ 860,000.

    Image Source: Car Advice

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