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Next-Generation V12 Roma Set to Succeed Ferrari 812 Again

Recently, Ferrari has been actively developing its upcoming line of V12 supercars. We have just shared the initial spy photos of the successor to LaFerrari. Below is a video showcasing the new V12 GT that is rumored to take the place of the 812 Superfast in Ferrari’s range.

The disguised test model of the 812 replacement, as seen in the video, is masquerading as a Ferrari Roma, similar to the previous sighting. However, the distinctive exhaust note reveals its true identity concealed under the hood.

The successor to the 812 might be equipped with an entirely new naturally aspirated V12 engine. Although speculations indicate that it could be smaller than the current 6.5-liter unit and potentially incorporate electric support.

The replacement for the Ferrari 812 is anticipated to be one of the four confirmed cars for 2023. Unverified reports suggest that it might make its debut in the final quarter of this year.

Image Source: Dmitry Eagle Orlov / Shutterstock