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Radim Passer’s Bugatti Chiron Surpasses 257 MPH Boundary On The German Motorway

In a bold manifestation of velocity, Czech tycoon Radim Passer steered his Bugatti Chiron to its utmost on Germany’s unrestricted expressway in 2021, notching an impressive 259 mph, which he documented. Nonetheless, this act was not well-received by the German authorities, who responded with a sharp admonishment from their transport ministry.

Inspired by Passer, an enthusiast, Omid Mouazzen, unleashed the horsepower of his Chiron Sport on the Autobahn, hitting 257 mph, falling slightly short of Passer’s record.

Sharing his experience online, Mouazzen conveyed his sentiment: “I had envisioned this instance numerous times. Witnessing it come to fruition, I realized I had entered the circle of a distinguished minority. Reflecting on my arrival in Germany from Iran with my family, bereft of anything but our dignity, resonated within me. Back in those days, my father could not even afford a vehicle. To reach such an accomplishment in my Bugatti on a public motorway was indescribable. It transcended sheer speed; it was a conquest of personal adversity.”

It’s pertinent to mention that while parts of the Autobahn are free of speed constraints, racing at such formidable speeds carries significant danger, posing a threat not only to the driver but to fellow motorists as well. Persistent acts like these might prompt the German officials to enact speed regulations on the Autobahn’s free sections.

Image Source: Art Konovalov / Shutterstock

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