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Several Fascinating Truths About Crazy Aston Martin Valkyrie


It’s been a while since the initial Aston Martin Valkyrie moved off the assembly line. However, just now journalists from all over the globe can try out the hypercar firsthand.

The Valkyrie represents Adrian Newey’s concept of the ultimate automobile. You can see that it’s more than just a “road car” simply by taking a glance at it. However, the transition from the sketch board to actual production was anything but straightforward.

To bring a project of this scale to life, Aston Martin sought the assistance of Cosworth, who developed the 6.5-liter V12 engine, while the 7-speed single-clutch automatic transmission was procured from Ricardo. There are several captivating truths about the Valkyrie that do not garner much attention. During his conversation with Henry Catchpole, James Manners, Head of Vehicle Engineering at Aston Martin, disclosed some intricate details.

James uncovered that the windscreen wiper on the Valkyrie is manufactured by the same company that produced the wipers for the Space Shuttle. It’s essentially a torsion beam, dissimilar to a traditional wiper, which twists as the wiper moves from side to side. This configuration is necessitated by its double-compound windscreen. The blueprint was approved after numerous visits to a train wind tunnel.

The Valkyrie makes use of numerous titanium components. Even the door latches are crafted from this lightweight material. In fact, at one point, Aston Martin was ordering so much titanium that it began to impact the global prices of the metal.

Similar to most hypercars these days, the Valkyrie also incorporates active aerodynamics. The carbon fiber rear wing features a movable flap that extends under heavy braking. When Adrian Newey devised the wing, it was intended to endure for just 25,000 miles. However, Aston Martin reasonably thought this was an absurd notion and re-engineered it to ensure it lasts the car’s lifetime. Consider replacing a part of the bodywork during regular service.

Here’s another enjoyable truth. As a road car, the Valkyrie had to be equipped with a medical kit. But where can you fit a first aid kit when space is at a premium? On the Valkyrie, it is placed inside the front number plate housing.

These are some of the “oddities and characteristics” of the Aston Martin Valkyrie. Watch Henry’s initial drive video to find out what it’s like.

Image Source: Art Konovalov / Shutterstock


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