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Automaker Recalls Porsche Carrera GT Following Suspension Glitch

Porsche has issued a recall for its Carrera GT supercars produced from 2004 to 2005 due to a suspension-related problem.

As per the company, the suspension connections on the Carrera GT may fail because of mechanical stress and corrosion. It has been reported that 489 out of the 1,300 cars in existence have been impacted by this issue.

It has been found recently that the spherical connections linking the wishbone suspension elements on the front and rear axles in the affected Carrera GT cars do not meet Porsche’s service life durability expectations. The material used (X46Cr13) does not offer adequate resistance to intergranular stress corrosion when exposed to salt and mechanical stress over the service life. This could result in cracks or fractures in the spherical connections, and possibly the wishbone.

The car manufacturer has also mentioned that owners will detect vibrations or noise from degraded connections before they fail. Nevertheless, this may not provide sufficient warning of impending failure; hence, it has suggested owners bring their Carrera GTs in for inspection.

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